Sympatico and MSN are married when it comes to e-mail service. For the Sympatico user, they can have up to 10 accounts... one primary and 9 secondary a.k.a. "child-acounts".

Early Saturday morning, February 16, the MSN mail server handling Sympatico accounts burped and effectively eliminated the ability for any "child-accounts" from receiving e-mail. If a message was sent to a Sympatico "child-account" it was promptly bounced with the traditional "Delivery to the following recipients failed" being conveyed to the sender. Primary accounts were not impacted.

It took MSN and Sympatico several hours before they realized that they had a problem and acknowledged it to their client base. The problem was not resolved until the wee hours this morning.

So, if anyone complains about not receiving any of The Lounge Digests and they are using a Sympatico secondary account on The Lounge, then they have their answer.

Hopes this helps any affected subscriber.

Cheers, Bob