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    LetterWizard (2000 & XP)

    When I open a letter template that comes with Word, then run the letter wizard it runs correctly.
    If I then try to rerun it a second or third time on the same document, it screws up the date and
    inside address. Running the wizard multiple times in Word97 worked great. Any ideas?

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    Re: LetterWizard (2000 & XP)


    I don't know anything about the letter wizard, so can't offer direct help. But in the hope of focusing on the problem so that maybe someone can help: can you describe what happens to the date and inside address when they get screwed up?


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    Re: LetterWizard (2000 & XP)

    Here's some more detail. When the letter wizard runs, it takes any data in the style "date" and
    places it in the "date" box in the wizard. It also takes any data in the style "inside address" and
    places that in the recipient box in the wizard. When you run the wizard the first time, it does
    all this correctly. When you run it a second time, it might do it correctly. Run it a third time
    and it places the date as part of the recipient data. So, when the wizard completes,
    the new recipient
    address is in the date style. Very weird. The letter wizard is pretty lame, I'll admit, but this
    did work in Word97. It does not work in Word2000 SR1, or WordXP.

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    Re: LetterWizard (2000 & XP)

    I can't explain the differences. The letter wizard relies heavily on styles in the document and also uses autotext and autotext lists (based on styles).

    I would recommend that you read the instructions in <A target="_blank" HREF=> Special Edition Using Office 2000</A> by Ed Bott and Woody Leonhard (Que). That has the most complete documentation on the letter wizard that I've seen. You should be able to get it through your public library, although if you buy the book it includes WOPR.
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