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    Options on a form (2007)

    I have a form frmVideoSchedule based on a table tblVideoSchedule. The students have to choose one of four options for a time slot to schedule a video taping session. I envision a form with all of the students names in a column on the left with 4 option buttons (or some other means) of clicking the right choice for each student, kind of rapid-fire, just running through the list and assigning the time slot for each student. The way it is currently set up, the data in the table would be stored simply as text in the field DateTime ( e.g., "2/26/08 at 2:00 PM"). What suggestions do you have or examples of a similar concept?


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    Re: Options on a form (2007)

    I'd number the slots 1 to 4 and use a number field in the table to store the slot number (see picture below). You can make it a lookup field or specify Between 1 and 4 as Validation Rule, so that the user can only enter 1, 2, 3 or 4.

    I'd create a continuous form and place info about the the date and time of each slot in the form header (for example using labels).
    The user can enter slots very rapidly by typing a number, pressing down arrow, typing a number, etc.
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