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    Object Explorer in VBA (2003)

    Hello All,

    A real programmer (I am strictly an amatuer) recently showed me how he creates queries using SQL Server Manager. He can open a window on the left called Object Explorer and use it to display the fields of any table in the database. These fields can then be dragged directly into a query. This is so much more efficient than what I do with VBA in Access - constantly using Alt + F11 to switch from my code to the table design view to get the names of the fields I need.

    Is there a similar (or any easier) way to do this in VBA?



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    Re: Object Explorer in VBA (2003)

    You can create a query in design view in Access, test it, then switch to SQL view (View | SQL) to see the SQL statement of the query that you built interactively.
    When you transfer the SQL to the Visual Basic Editor, you have to take the following gotchas into account:

    1) Access inserts line breaks into the SQL statement. You have to replace these with spaces for use in VBA.

    2) You'll probably want to assign the SQL to a string variable, so you must enclose the SQL statement in double quotes. If the SQL statement contains quoted strings, this will confuse VBA. The workaround is to replace double quotes <code>"</code> within the SQL statement with double double quotes <code>""</code> or with single quotes <code>'</code>.
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