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    Table Design (2003)

    I have a form I need to design in access that is based off someones word document. In building the table, the unique ID will be Hospital ID and there are many associated clinics that are associated with this hospital. I need to put 4 different locations( fax, phone,email, and tax id for each location) as well as 4 other billing adresses(fax, phone,email, and tax id for each location) in this table. Should I break into 4 different tables or keep all in 1 table? I have a feeling I need to seperate them out.

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    Re: Table Design (2003)

    If you need to store fax, phone,email, and tax id for each location, you can use a single table, with these fields plus a field to link to the hospital table and a field to identify the type of record.

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