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    Split worksheet into different tabs (2003)

    Is there a macro or some way to take a worksheet and according to one column, split the worksheet into different tabs. Each tab should have the name of the section it represents. I have a column - lets say B that has last names. I would sort on this column. Each time the column switches to another name, that should be a new tab. I have searched all my macros that I have gotten from this site but I can't find anything like that. I know I have done this.

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    Re: Split worksheet into different tabs (2003)

    I would recommend not doing this. It is much better to not keep identically formatted spreadsheets but to put them in this type of format. This allows the use of filtering to get the look and feel (and even printouts) of "different sheets" as well as usbototatling and getting summary data using a pivot table.

    All of thes are builtin functionality. If you separate the sheets, it requires much more customization to extract info from all the sheets.

    If you still want to do this, can the code in <post:=471,071>post 471,071</post:> be adapted?


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    Re: Split worksheet into different tabs (2003)

    Or look at the thread starting at <post:=533,718>post 533,718</post:>...

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