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    Popup Madness (Internet Explorer 6.0)

    I have a user using a web based application with IE6. While it works fine for everyone else, but this guy. Two issues:

    1. For him the popups that come up, do not come up in front of the main window, as they do for everyone else. They come up behind the main window.
    2. For him the popups come up maximized instead of their normal size. If you try to restore them, they close.

    They have tried to uninstall and reinstall IE, but it had no effect. Don't ask me the technique the used to do that because I don't know. I was curious if there might be some registry setting that is out of wack.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


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    Re: Popup Madness (Internet Explorer 6.0)

    For #1, I think I know how Firefox deals with this, but I'm not sure how IE deals with it. Perhaps, though it is not in IE: one of those widely used system add-ons (TweakUI?) can prevent new windows from appearing in front of the current one. The name of this feature is something along the lines of "Do not allow windows to steal focus." I don't know whether it blocks application #2 from jumping in front of application #1, or any window #2 from jumping in front of window #1.

    For #2, if the user presses Ctrl+N to launch a new window, is it maximized? Restore that window and try again. If it always opens maximized, that would suggest an unusual customization. As for the window closing when it is restored, is it really closed or is it offscreen?

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