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    OL2K Shutdown Macro (Outlook 2000)

    I would like to have a macro that will keep Outlook 2K from shutting itself down when I click on the x on the top right of the frame in a main Outlook session (usually the inbox). This is the little x beside the minimize and resize buttons. I don't want this macro active on other screens. When I click the x to close a message that I'm reading, all I want to happen is what currently happens, the message closes and I'm back to the main list of messages in my inbox.

    However, when I click on that x when I'm in my inbox main list, Outlook itself shuts down. I have just told Outlook to shut itself down and, by golly, that's exactly what it does. However, usually I'm clicking the x by accident. I'd like a macro to interrupt the Outlook Shut Down event and have a prompt displayed: Do you really want to close Outlook? Ok, Cancel. If Cancel clicked, Outlook will not shut down. This would be just like clicking the x to close Word when you have made changes but not saved the document. Word queries if you want to save the changes before exiting and gives you the option to cancel: don't save, don't exit either.

    I originally sent this question by e-mail to Woody. He told me that if this could be done at all, one of you would know how. I've written a few macros in Outlook 97 but none on Outlook 2K. I would like to give it a try if someone can guide me. Of course, if you know where I can get hold of the macro already written, I'd appreciate your telling me how.

    Thank you.

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    Re: OL2K Shutdown Macro (Outlook 2000)

    If you fire up the Visual Basic Editor in Outlook (Alt-F11) and then hit F1 for help and look for quit event and cancel events, it very much appears that although Outlook can run code when you choose to quit, you can't cancel the Quit itself. So...maybe an add-in? That's beyond me.

    You might want to use the Esc key to close messages. I find that to be the handiest way to do it.

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