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    Reserved Error (-1038) when paginating Report (Access 2003)

    We converted a database from Access 97 by creating a 2003 database and importing all the objects into it. The 97 database had user level security, so we joined the existing workgroup. The database uses linked tables from an Access 97 database. Everything seems to run fine with the exception of a report. The report is based on a Union Query, and previews OK on page 1. However, when clicking on the next page button, we are receiving a "Reserved error (-1038)" for every listing of a particular piece of data in a subgroup on the report. If that subgroup appears twice on that page, we get two error messages. If it appears seven times, we get seven error mesages. After clicking on OK the required number of times, the page previews without further error.

    Can anyone shed some light on this, and is there a way we can trap this error so that it doesn't appear when paginating?

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    Re: Reserved Error (-1038) when paginating Report (Access 2003)

    That's difficult, for error -1038 does not have an error message that explains what causes it. What happens if you convert the backend with the tables to Acess 2000 (or 2002/2003) format too?

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