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    Strange Cell contents (XP/2003)

    I have a workbook that has the contents of worksheets created from MS Access pasted into it. The resulting data looks fine but all the apparently empty cells appear to have something in them. I have been unable to find out what is there but it means that tests for ISBLANK() do not work. I have also tried ISERR() and the result is negative. However if you go to a blank cell and press the delete key (i.e. clear all) then the ISBLANK() test work.

    I am attaching a sample. The various tests are in columns Q to V. If you "delete" cell B5 you will find the results change.

    Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Re: Strange Cell contents (XP/2003)

    This often happens when you import data from another application. You can run a macro to get rid of these blanks-that-are-not-blanks:
    Sub ClearBlanks()
    Dim oCell As Range
    For Each oCell In Selection
    If Trim(oCell.Value) = "" Then
    End If
    Next oCell
    End Sub
    Select a range of cells that includes fake blanks, then run the macro.

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