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    While You Are Out.OFT (Outlook 2003)

    Someone gave me While You Where Out.oft Template (Form).

    I loaded it on my Outlook 2003.

    Now I:

    1. Open Outlook
    2. Select my Inbox
    3. Select Choose Form... from my Advanced Toolbar (Added icon there)
    4. Look in: drop down list, select Use Templates in File System
    5. Highlight While You Were Out
    6. Select Open
    7. Fill Out and Send

    Here is my Question. This works great but I didn't buy this template. Is this template free? If not where do you purchase it. If it is free are there more I'm not aware of. I would love to add more templates if possible.


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    Re: While You Are Out.OFT (Outlook 2003)

    You can save any message as a template (File > Save as, .oft format), so if you know what you want to say, you can create your own. But commercially produced templates might have pretty backgrounds and other features that are time-consuming to re-create.

    Here is the list of templates for sale on the Microsoft Marketplace:

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