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    Netscape Messenger to Outlook Express (5.5)

    I recently purchased a new computer and brought my old (under 2 years) IBM into the office. I was using Netscaper 4.7 Messenger for email but am now using Outlook Express on the new computer.

    I have transferred the email I want to keep from Netscape to Outlook Express - on the old computer at the office. Now I need to get it on a disk so I can bring it home (there are many, many messages). I cannot find an easy way to do this as Outlook Express only wants to export to Outlook or Microsoft Exchange and I cannot seem to find the file in Windows Explorer where Outlook Express stores messages.

    Can someone help?

    Thanks much


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    Re: Netscape Messenger to Outlook Express (5.5)

    If you want to backup or transfer your e-mail messages in Outlook Express 5.5, changing the location where the messages are stored will make them easier to find.

    Open the My Documents folder on your desktop, click File, point to New and select Folder. Name it E-mail and hit Enter. Close the My Documents folder.

    From the main Outlook Express window, click the Tools menu, click Options and select the Maintenance tab. Click the Store Folder button and then click Change.

    In the Browse for Folder dialog box, scroll up until you see My Documents. Click the plus sign next to it and from the folders that drop down, click your new E-mail folder and click OK.

    Notice that the path to your E-mail folder now appears in the Store Location dialog box. Click OK.

    Close Outlook Express entirely and then re-open it.

    Now all your messages are in the E-mail folder in My Documents, which is much easier to find

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