I am looking for a software to edit the recorded ATSC (off-air) HDTV shows in Intel E4500, 2GB PC6400, WinXP Home SP2.

The length of recorded shows is about 60 minutes. I have tried the Easy Creator Suite 10 (off-the-shelf version) and Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus (Trial Version). It seems that both can not handle the long recorded HDTV file well.

For MyDVD of Easy Creator Suite 10, it treats the 60 minutes 6GB MPEG Movie file as 11111 minutes long. There is no way to do any thing on the video in that length. It's fine to edit a 5-minute show.

For Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus, It shows the length of 60 minutes correctly. However, it would crash when I tried to set 10-minute chapters. The worst, I decided to quit the conversion of recorded video to DVD format after it completed only 3% after one hour.