My high-powered Gateway pc is 5 years old. However, it still works quite well. After backing up everything, I recently improved performance by doubling the RAM to 2 GB.

I then got around to updating and adding software that I had been deferring. [In the meantime, everything seemed to be performing well.] When I installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and Premiere Elements 4, I founf the Photoshop Elements 6 worked fine but Premiere Elements 4 did not. After launching PE4 and registering, the system would not load -- it hung on LoadingWave_Warp.AEX (partially freezing the system), even with several reboots and retrys. Eventually it gave me two "found new hardware" messages upon reboot, one referring to a Multimedia Audio Controller (for which it never found the driver, even with several reboots and using my original installation CDs) and one saying PCI Input Device (for which it apparently found a driver).

Since these happenings, I can now open PE4 BUT I have lost all sound on my pc. Device Manager has big questions marks on "other devices > Multimedia Audio Controller" as well as on "1394 Net Adapeter #3". I downloaded and reloaded the original drivers, with no impact. When I tried to use a Creative Technologies updated package, it says it cannot find the device. I checked all external connections. What might have happened, and how do I recover sound?