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    heading not showing up in index and tables referen (2003)


    I have formatted my document with heading1 and heading 2, then i have (at the top of the document) inserted reference>>Index and Tables..

    Its all working fine, but for some reason, one of my headings is not showing up.

    I really cant work out why though.

    edit - working now

    seems it wanted me to also make the character space afret the last word heading2 format as well.

    very strange...

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    Re: heading not showing up in index and tables referen (2003)

    The table of contents looks at entire paragraphs formatted as Heading1, Heading2 etc. If you format part of a parahraph as Heading2, the style is applied as a character style; the paragraph as a whole still has its original paragraph style, so it isn't included in the TOC.

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