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    Set to 0 (Access 2000)

    How can i set to 0 the field grossprice in the following query ?

    SELECT products.Productid, products.grossprice, products.ddu,, ([office]-[ddu])/[office] AS Pctmargin, [office]-[ddu] AS Margin
    FROM products
    WHERE (((products.grossprice)>0) AND (([office]-[ddu])<0));

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    Re: Set to 0 (Access 2000)

    Your query is a select query. If you want to change the value of a field, you need an update query.
    - Open the query in design view.
    - Select Query | Update Query.
    - You will see a new row in the query design window: Update to.
    - Enter 0 in the "Update to" line for the grossprice column.
    To execute the update query, select Query | Run or click the Run button on the toolbar.

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