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    Creating a report in HTML

    hi there! I'm trying to export data from an access database into a web page. I need the report to be formatted in HTML. For each item in the database, I need to wrap HTML around it (i.e. sizes - drop down etc.)

    I know the html I have to use, I'm just not sure how to request Access to generate the report ... For instance, on one record... there could be 4 options... I need to create an option box, with each of the 4 options and their corresponding data).

    Thank you so much for your assistance!!

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    Re: Creating a report in HTML

    It is quite easy to create a HTML file based on the data in a table: just use OPEN (see online help) to create a file with the .htm extension.
    I have applications that create automatically HTM files with this technique and send them (also automatically) via FTP on the web server. This might be an alternative to using ASP.

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