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    Wildcards (2003)

    Dear Loungers,

    I was just wondering if there was a way to tell Word to find every entry of a particular word followed by a wildcard entry followed by a hard paragraph break and replace it with the same entry, except with a soft paragraph break.

    I imagine it has something to do with wildcards, but the problem is that I donít know how many wildcard symbols to put in there, since the text between the particular word and the paragraph break ranges from 4 character to 8 or 9 characters, including spaces.

    Any clues?



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    Re: Wildcards (2003)

    Let's say that the word is Mum.

    Select Edit | Replace or press Ctrl+H.
    Click the More button.
    Tick the "Use wildcards" check box.
    Enter the following in the "Find what" box: <code>(Mum*)^13</code>
    And this in the "Replace with" box: <code>1^l</code>
    (Note: the backslash is followed by the digit 1, the hat character ^ by a lower case letter L)
    Click "Replace All".

    Ordinarily, you enter ^p in the "Find what" box to search for a paragraph mark, but that is not valid if you use wildcards; you must use ^13 instead.
    The * character stands for any number of characters.
    The parentheses around Mum* define this as a group that can be referred to in the "Replace with" box as 1. If you define more groups, you can refer to them as 2, 3 etc. (counting from left to right).

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