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    Formating a insert excel spreadsheet in word (2003)


    I have a word document and want to insert a table from a spreadsheet. I go and copy the table from excel and inserted in word, but I don't know how to formated to come down the page. I want it to be able to swith the table from left to right to up and down. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    Re: Formating a insert excel spreadsheet in word (2003)

    If I understand you correctly, you could insert the table, then select it and choose File | Page Setup.
    If your document is in portrait orientation, select landscape and vice versa.
    Select "Selected text" from the "Apply to" dropdown.
    Click OK.
    The table will be placed in a section of its own that is rotated 90 degrees with respect to the rest of the document.

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