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    Deleting a website

    This may not be the appropriate place for this post but I could not find anywhere else. My situation is that I need to delete, inactivate, whatever, the website, which is no longer current or valid. The real problem is that I have lost track of the account login information and, so far at any rate, have not been able to contact anyone at Angelfire/Lycos for help. Even a way to redirect from the Angelfire site to the current and correct site would work. As you can probably guess, I am clueless about matters relating to web design. Anyway, any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Deleting a website

    Your login name would be NC3/cvoc.

    If you don't remember the password, you could go here to have your password emailed to the email address you used to register with them.

    If you've changed your email address since you signed up, and can't login, we'll need you to send them some information by using the "Ask A Question" tool. When asking your question, include the following:

    1. Your login name (NC3/cvoc)
    2. The date of birth you registered with
    3. The street address you registered with
    4. The new email address you'd like on file for your account.

    If you're not receiving an email response back from them, maybe use a different email address. For example, I have an address at I like to use, but it's slow to get email and spam filtering is a bit intense. So for those times I need to be sure I get the response I use my or account.

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    Re: Deleting a website

    In many cases, you can have your account information emailed to you or reset by email. Is that an option for this service?

    There is no way to redirect someone who reaches the old site to the new site without editing the old site or obtaining the cooperation of the host.

    However, if a different domain name under your control is directing people to the old site, you should be able to change that.

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