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    File Explorer

    When opening the explorer, I always get an expanded tree of Desktop, My Documents, and My Computer with the drives is collapsed. How can I change this, collapse the first one and expand the other when opening the Explorer.<font color=red>text</font color=red>[img]/w3timages/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: File Explorer

    So far as I know you can't change the default behavior. But you can do shortcuts - and specify the command line.

    {no switch} Opens a one-pane folder window
    /e Opens a two-pane Explorer window

    /n Opens a new window even if the specified folder is already open in another folder.

    /root, Specifies the desktop as the object Windows will use as the root of a one-pane folder window

    /e,root, Specifies the desktop as the object Windows will use as the root of a two-pane Explorer window

    /root,object Specifies a target directory object that will be the root of the folder window.

    /select For one-pane folders, opens the parent folder of the specified folder and selects the specified folder.

    /root,object,subobject For two-pane folders, use with /e switch; opens a two-pane window to a specific directory, and selects a specific folder in that window.

    For object and subobject, insert a path statement to a specific directory on your PC, such as C:Program Files.

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