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    Figures/tables without labels (Word 2003)

    As part of my job, I write research reports using a style that requires me to refer to figures and tables by label and number (e.g., "Figure 1", "Table 2", and so on). No problem so far--Word lets me do that by inserting a cross-reference using "Only label and number" in the Cross-reference dialog box.

    However, when referring to multiple figures or tables together, I need to have something like "Figures 1 and 2" or "Tables 2 through 4". I would think that the best way to do this, while still retaining the ability to keep these as cross-references so that the numbering would be updated if I reorder things, would be to have an option in the Cross-reference dialog along the lines of "Only number"--but there is no such option. Is there some way to tweak things (maybe in the field the Cross-reference box inserts?) so that I end up with just the figure or table number?

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    Re: Figures/tables without labels (Word 2003)

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    You can do this, but you will have to create a bookmark for each figure number and table number that you want to refer to this way:

    - Select a figure number or table number. Take care to select *only* the number.
    - Select Insert | Bookmark...
    - Specify a name, then click Insert.
    - Position the insertion point where you want to refer to the number.
    - Select Insert | Reference | Cross Reference...
    - Select Bookmark as reference type.
    - Select the bookmark name that you just assigned.
    - Click Insert.

    Repeat for each number that you want to use in a cross reference by itself.

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