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    Programmatically Capturing Document Modifications (Word 2003)

    First, I thank everyone for their support, especially Hans. Programming Word can be painstaking and I admit that I only do it if there is no other recourse. Hopefully with Microsoft's strategic changes in tecnology and business practices to expand interoperability will bring about new methodolgies of obtaining Word data.

    Anyway, my question is initially a conceptual one; is there a way of programmatically grabing the changes that have been made to a document such as "deleted info", "added info" , "author", "date" and etc. I have not seen a lot of documentation or examples where it has been done. Again, I only do this when I have to; I was hoping that someone has done it before and if so, is there documentation that covers it?

    Thanks to all

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    Re: Programmatically Capturing Document Modifications (Word 2003)

    If Track Changes has been turned on, you can inspect the document's Revisions collection. Each Revision item has a type (insertion, deletion), an author, a date/time etc.

    If Track Changes has not been turned on, you'll need to have a previous version of the document. You can then use the document's Compare method to mark the revisions; you can then inspect the Revisions collection as above.

    See the following, which can also be found in the Word VBA help:
    Revisions Property
    Revisions Collection Object
    Revision Object
    Compare Method

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