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    Spreadsheet slow to print preview (2003)

    We have this spreadsheet that when you print preview it, it takes forever. Once it is print previewed once, the second time it opens fast. It seems like it has to be open once (very slowly) and then as long as the spreadsheet is open, subsequent viewings are fast. I took off manual calculation but it still doesn't print preview fast when first print previewed. There are check boxes from the control toolbar that are on the sheet.

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    Re: Spreadsheet slow to print preview (2003)

    The first time you print preview a sheet, Excel has to calculate where the page breaks fall. This requires communication with the printer/printer driver; if your default printer is a network printer, this can be rather slow.
    Once the sheet has been print previewed, Excel keeps track of the page breaks dynamically (you can see them as dotted lines on the screen), and the second and subsequent times you select print preview, it doesn't have to calculate the page breaks any more.

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