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    Email Form Using Redemption (A07 as A2k3)

    Hi All,
    I've noticed there have been a few posts inquiring how to email from within Access. Here is my meager contribution of a solution.
    Attached is a zipped Access db, developed in 03, but now housed in Acc07 as an Acc03 database on a WinXP machine..
    It has been built on begged, borrowed and pilfered code.
    I used:
    Redemption.dll version
    The standard Windows File Open/Save dialog box by Ken Getz
    3 tables: 1 for email addresses; 1 for a temp table for email addresses to be "sent to"; 1 default information table for last accessed folder path information
    1 form.
    The 2 email address listboxes work as one would normally expect: double-clik on an entry and it will "move" to the other box; click on ">>" or "<<" all your entries move; click of ">" or "<" and your listbox selections move.
    You can select multiple file attachments, but the buffer size is set to 256, so if you have long file paths it may error out. You can increase the buffer size by editing the code. Just look for the number 255 and replace it.
    I have switched almost exclusively to using SQL Server backends and calling recordsets reflects this: i.e. you'll notice dbSeeChanges.still within the code.
    Hopefully there are enough comments within the code to explain what has been done.
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    Re: Email Form Using Redemption (A07 as A2k3)

    Thanks, that will be useful to people wanting to e-mail from Access! <img src=/S/thankyou.gif border=0 alt=thankyou width=40 height=15>

    Note: although the standard Open Dialog will work perfectly well in all versions of Access, you can use the built-in Application.FileDialog in Access 2002 and later.

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