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    Cell References & External Links (Excel 97 for Windows)

    Hi Guys,

    Long time no post, but here's an interesting one. Sure there's an easy way, but it seems to be escaping me at the mo : (

    Is it possible to nest a cell reference into an external reference?

    For example,

    I have an external file ABC.xls, with sheets named Wk1 through Wk 10.

    On the report sheet I have a a column with Wk1 through Wk10. Lets call this range $XX$1:$XX$10

    I want to use a vlookup formula to obtain information from a given cell, say $A$1, on each sheet (Wk1 through Wk10) on the external file, however being a really lazy proponent of the 'click and drag' mentality, I want refer to the external sheet by way of the column. So . . .


    would become:


    Where $XX$1 relates to the cell containing "Wk1".

    However, l've gotta feeling that there's some type of syntax missing which would indicate that my sheet_reference is actually a cell not the external sheet reference itself.

    Clear as mud?

    Any ideas out there?


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    Re: Cell References & External Links (Excel 97 for Windows)

    Hi Rob,
    If you just want the value of a particular cell you don't need vlookup at all. You could just use something like:
    unless I've totally misunderstood you!
    Does that help?

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