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    Disappearing toolbars (2003, SP2)

    I have three toolbars that each span almost the entire width of the screen. They are named TB1, TB2, and TB3. Each has about 45 to 50 buttons on it representing some standard Word commands, but mostly my own macros. Last Friday, I removed a button that I rarely use, and after I closed Word and reopened it, all but two of the buttons on TB3 disappeared, one after another, starting from the right-hand end. (The two that remained were the only two that pulled down menus rather than executing commands directly.) I was able to reproduce this at will. I tried several things to fix this problem, including restoring from a backup, deleting and letting Word rebuild it then copying the toolbars into it from a backup copy, creating a new TB3 and copying all the buttons onto it from the old one, and running the detect and repair utility (which threw away all my configuration settings). None of these worked. This morning I created a new TB3 and added all my commands and macros to it from the Customize dialog box, rather than copying them from the old TB3. That seems to have fixed TB3.

    But now TB2 is doing the same thing. Sigh....

    Does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it?


    Earl Morton

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    Re: Disappearing toolbars (2003, SP2)

    Do you have any add-ins installed? Some add-ins wreak havoc with custom toolbars. Try Phil Rabichow's <!post=Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in Word,197827>Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in Word<!/post>.

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