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    Template Filesize (2003)

    I have created a template that is now 10mb in size. It will be a read only file, used on a daily basis. The file contains mainly code which is the only thing (that I can think of) that is creating the 10mb. At the point that the file is 'saved as', only the data within the file will be required, none of the code. What I need to know is how to strip the file down as small as possible at the 'save as' point, as saving a 10mb file daily would not be feasible.

    Also, could anybody offer any pointers as to how to how to keep the file size to a minimum. To be honest, I am amazed that the file is 10mb, maybe there are some basic 'rules' that I am breaking??


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    Re: Template Filesize (2003)

    Use Rob Bovey's free VBA Code Cleaner add-in to get rid of the fluff in your VBA code.

    And see <post:=689,429>post 689,429</post:> for several methods to reduce the size of a workbook.

    Note: always create a backup copy before trying any of these methods!

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