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    Design question (2003)

    I am working on creating a database for property management. We have several buildings that contain as many as 6 floors with lots of suites. I currently have a drop-down with the building name and then the user enters all the other information...suite #, square footage...etc. The user will have to enter the street address again for every office space. I think I know the answer to this question but should I create a building table with all demo information except for suite number.

    Does anybody have a sample property management/contract management database for me to view?


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    Re: Design question (2003)

    You should create one table with general data about a building, and another table with data about each suite in the building, and if necessary a third table with data about individual offices within a suite. The office table would be linked to the suite table by a SuiteID field, and the suite table to the building table by a BuildingID field.
    For data entry, create a main form based on the building table, with a subform based on the suite table, and if needed a second subform based on the office table.

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