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    Add a New Field to Contacts (Outlook 2003, SP3)

    I added a new field to my Custom Current View Contacts entitled, "District". When I follow the instructions to go to Phone List and add it to that view, I am unable to find it to add. I also cannot find a field for adding a new contact entitled, "District" so I can enter this additional information.

    My questions are:
    1. How do I get a new user-defined field into new contacts, so I can enter or add that info along with other contact info?
    2. How do I get my new field into the custom view options?

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    Re: Add a New Field to Contacts (Outlook 2003, SP3

    If you open a Contact record, choose the All Fields tab, and in the drop-down specify All Contact Fields, do you see District there?

    I know you can create a new Form for new Contact records, but this doesn't automatically apply to old Contact records. You might have to add it to each Contact individually. Or instead of creating a new field, you could use one of the pre-existing user-defined fields (User Field 1, etc.).

    Regarding creating forms and making them the default form for a folder, I've forgotten more than I ever knew. But if you search here, you might find some useful posts.

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