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    Trouble with digital certificates (Access 2003 win

    When I started my db a few years ago I was able to create using self cert a digital certificate that I then installed on the other five machines in the office, allowing the db to run without warnings. As we moved up to Access 2003, only myself and the accounts lady got full Access, everyone else had Access runtime installed. My problem is that Access 2003 has changed the usage of personal certificates and now the initial certificate is no longer acceptable on her machine, as personal certificates seem to be usable only on the machine they were created on now.

    I have tried creating a certificate on her machine, but as 95% of editing is done on my machine, it then get s overwritten by me again.

    Is there a way around this or is there a free 3rd party certificate that I can get from somewhere that I can use for a 6 user in-house only db that will solve the problem?
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    Re: Trouble with digital certificates (Access 2003 win

    Maybe you can find something useful in Digital Certificates and Trusted Sources for running Excel Macros under High Macro Security (signing an Access project works the same as signing an Excel project).

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