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    Report from more than one query (Win/XP/Access 2K)

    I'm trying to creat a report that has multiple text boxes. I can set it up just fine if I'm taking the data for each text box from the same query, but I need to bound the report to more than one query. Each text box has just one query it receives its data from but I'd like to pull data from different queries for some of the text boxes.

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    Re: Report from more than one query (Win/XP/Access 2K)

    It depends on the situation.
    If you can match the queries on some field(s), you can create a new query based on the contributing queries, joined on the appropriate field(s), and use this new query as record source for the report.
    If you can't match the queries, you'll probably have to create a separate report for each query, and place these reports as subreports on a main report.

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