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    upgrading from Home Basic to Home Premium (Windows Home Basic)

    Hi all, this is my first post and I hope I am in the right place.
    I want to upgrade from Vista Home Basic to Vista Home Premium.
    Am going to use Anytime Upgrade.
    One of the questions that I have, is should I do a clean install and then do the upgrade?
    Also should I install Vista SP1 after the upgrade?

    Thanks in advance Darrell

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    Re: upgrading from Home Basic to Home Premium (Windows Home Basic)

    Hi Darrell and Welcome to the Lounge.

    A clean install is always the better way to go, but in this case you will simply be adding features contained in Premium that were not available in Basic. It would be much more important to do a clean install if you were upgrading from XP to Vista. It's really up to you.

    And YES - install SP1 after the upgrade.
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    Re: upgrading from Home Basic to Home Premium (Windows Home Basic)

    Since you are going to use " Anytime Upgrade", you are going to have to follow the instructions that you get from Microsoft.

    "clean install and then do the upgrade"
    Why do a clean install of what you have now, if it is working. If you do a clean install, you will have to reinstall ALL of your third party software. Just remember to do a VERY GOOD data backup.

    As soon as SP1 is available to you, yes I would install it.

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