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    Group Autotext Help Please (Word 97)

    I have 'inherited' four people using one autotext template, and not being an 'apps' person I am utterly unfamiliar with the way this works, except that now it has ceased to work, and I can't fix it <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

    The that has autotext and customised toolbar settings is stored on a central server. It seems that it used o to serve itself up to the four users when they opened Word, but only one of the users could update it with changes.

    Now all four of the users seem to have lost contact with the template on the server. They can open it manually, but not automatically.

    What settings in Word do I have to change to get this all to happen automatically, and can anyone give mne an overview of how this group template works.

    Also, we plan to upgrade to office 2000 soon - does this group template work within 2000 as well?

    Thank you very much,

    - Marcia

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    Re: Group Autotext Help Please (Word 97)

    If your group template resides on W:templates, you need to make sure that is the setting on each PC. To do that, open Word and go to Tools-Options, File Locations tab. To have it be the default template, change the location under User Templates; if you want it to be available when the users hit File-New, put it into the Workgroup Templates. Frankly, I don't like the idea of using it as a User template because it restricts them from being able to save changes (you can't make changes to a document that is in use, and you can't share and save documents in Word like you can in Excel).

    2000 works similarly.

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    Re: Group Autotext Help Please (Word 97)

    Hi Marcia,

    First, it should not be should not be shared but rather should reside on each user's local computer. It should be a "global template."

    Second, it should not be in workgroup templates. That is a location for document templates, not global templates. (I know it is confusing. Microsoft uses the same word "template" to describe at least three (maybe four) very different beasts. It is kind of like having a lion, a house cat, and a psychopathic killer, saying they are all mammals and just refer to them as mammal one, mammal two, and mammal three. They do very different things, any can mess up your day real good if you don't know about them.)

    I recommend that your global template should be in a folder on your network to which ordinary users have access but not write or delete privileges. It is loaded automatically on each users computer when Word is started by having it or a shortcut to it in that user's Word Startup directory. What works well for many is to have the user's system login copy the template to the local computer on login if the template on the network is newer than the one on the user's computer.

    A good place to start on this is . <A target="_blank" HREF=> backup

    For some thoughts on moving your AutoText entries and customizations to that global template you may want to take a look at <A target="_blank" HREF=> Copying / Moving Customizations </A>. [url=] backup - Copying / Moving Customizations [/url

    Finally, it should all work in Word 2000 except some macros may need tweaking if you have macros among your customizations.

    Hope this helps,
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
    Madison, Wisconsin

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