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    Autosave to Different File Path (2003 SP2)

    I have a user who has her AutoRecover set to a filepath on the network drive. It apparently never works. Is there some way to force an autosave to a specific file location (no matter who the user is) and have it be a network drive instead of a local directory? We have multiple employees who use these specific workbooks and we would like to have them save every 10 minutes or so to specific filepath like the one below. The code has to travel with the workbooks so the various addins suggested when I did a seach would not work for this specific case. As always, all help is much appreciated!

    P:Admin ServicesDepartmentBudget2008-09 BudgetGeneral DocumentsReOrgBackup


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    Re: Autosave to Different File Path (2003 SP2)

    You can set the path using code, but I'm not sure that is a good idea - what if someone opens the workbook on a PC where the network path is not available? Moreover, the path is the same for *all* workbooks.

    The instruction to set the autorecover path is

    Application.AutoRecover.Path = "P:Admin ServicesDepartmentBudget2008-09 BudgetGeneral DocumentsReOrgBackup"

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