<hr>Certain applications, such as the Emacs text editor and Mozilla Firefox, provide a very convenient method of searching in a document: every time you type text in the search box it automatically searches the document. You don't need to click "Find" or do anything else, just type, and it'll search. This type of search is sometimes called "interactive search", "incremental search" or "look ahead search". I call it "find as you type".

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not provide this functionality, not even in Internet Explorer 7. Fortunately, Internet Explorer can be extended which allows third party developers to close this gap.

Find As You Type for Internet Explorer is an add-on for Internet Explorer 6 and newer that provides this kind searching functionality. It adds a toolbar to Internet Explorer where you can type search terms, and it will find them, as you type.

<IMG SRC=http://www.ookii.org/software/findasyoutype/images/findasyoutype13.png><hr>
Changes in Version 1.3
Note: Windows 2000 is no longer supported.
German and Dutch localized versions available.
Find As You Type can now search while you're typing using an Input Method Editor (IME).
Search bar closes when browser is closed to prevent automatic opening on browser start.
The behaviour that the ESC key clears the search text before closing the search bar is now optional. The default is to immediately close the bar.
Reliability improvements.
Improved error handling.
Fixed: search bar does not work in windows without a toolbar, and prevents regular IE find window from opening if CTRL-F shortcut is used (in version 1.3, the search bar still does not work in those windows, but the regular find window will open correctly).
Fixed: certain dialogs do not use visual styles.
Fixed: a message is displayed repeatedly when update checking fails.
Fixed: IE in protected mode does not share settings with IE outside protected mode.
Fixed: Highlights are not updated if "highlight all" is selected and the user toggles the "match case" button using the keyboard shortcut.

More information and downloads here: Find As You Type 1.3