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    Animation Problem in PowerPoint Viewer (PowerPoint 2000)

    In working with a powerpoint presentation and a less than savy user, I managed to get a show up and running in powerpoint viewer that runs 6 different files back to back. The user was thrilled until she discovered that if she plays the files seperately the pictures move. In the show her pictures don't move. the slide animation works as far as transitions go, but she lost all the animations of the specific pictures. I am at a loss. Any suggestions? <img src=/S/doh.gif border=0 alt=doh width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Animation Problem in PowerPoint Viewer (PowerPoint 2000)

    Specifics: What I read;
    You have a PPPresentation that by some means calls a totally different PPfile, which runs.

    In your PC, when this (these) files are 'presented' all the stock transitions (Fly from left/whatever) work fine, but when viewed from PPoint viewer, those same transitions don't work?

    Which file calls the third/fourth/etc presentation?

    I doubt this is a problem due to the 'stringed' presentations, but with the viewer which is really for '97, but plays most 2000 files.

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    Re: Animation Problem in PowerPoint Viewer (PowerPoint 2000)

    Maybe they are using a Play list?

    A play list is a text file with the .lst extension
    inside the file list the presentations and their order of play. Use the ppt viewer to launch the playlist file. The view will now load each presentation in turn.

    However, back to the main question - the ppt viewer will not support all the available animations.
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