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    user 'Keyword' search functionality - how? (2000/XP)

    The purpose is to construct a where clause to limit records returned by a query.

    Here's what I'm thinking.

    A memo field to hold the keywords.
    A (lookup) table of keywords.
    To maintain control/ quality of entry the user picks keywords from the list (can be multi-select)
    The user can add to the list.

    Not sure how a search would work
    Free typing? sounds nasty
    Pick from a list

    How would the sql statement be constructed? - I assume I'd need wildcards
    Will this work on the memo field?

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    Re: user 'Keyword' search functionality - how? (2000/XP)

    Perhaps the thread starting at <post:=376,490>post 376,490</post:> will help. Also take a look at Forms: Adding a Search form to a database on the Access Web.

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