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    Copy and Paste (XP Pro SP2 Office 2003 SP2)

    Someone in the office reported that they can't copy and paste using Word or Outlook. It was written this way: Cannot paste pictures into any documents in word or outlook but they appear blank.

    A technician has summarized what has been done or what is suspected in an email as they are off sick and I'm looking over their shoulder to see if I can help in case the illness delays her return. Here is the email summary:

    "the client states that this issue has been ongoing from 6 months ago...rebooting the machine fixes the copy-paste feature. He also states that the system hangs sometimes. On a prior ticket someone from field had reloaded MS office... And this did not fix the issue. I initially thught maybe a bad RAM chip... But there are errors in thevent log about a removable drive .. I sent the client an email to find out if he works off of it...which appears to be the culprit but he has not replied to my email. I'd also like to check and see if his office save/template/autosave options point to Y."

    The Y drive is a personal network share. I was beginning to think the user profile might be corrupt but the reboot and temporary ability to copy and paste puzzles me. Anyone ever encounter a USB thumb drive causing behavior like this?

    Any pointers, questions or suggestions appreciated.


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    Re: Copy and Paste (XP Pro SP2 Office 2003 SP2)

    Could the machine be low on resources? This can happen if it has too little RAM memory, or if there are too many applications running simultaneously. You might also check for malware (viruses, spyware).

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