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    Creating Mailing List document with mail merge..? (XP)

    Hi Gang,,,
    Iím trying to create a Mailing List document with Word XP mail merge. I ve created a Data base of a 100 names and a Template with a header of how I want my Mailing List Doc to look. When I merge my data the Mailing List Doc looks like this..
    <IMG SRC=>

    1: extra page breaks that I donít want..
    2: The Personís information overlaps onto second page..(
    3: at the end of database the commas and periods show up from template,

    Iím missing something in my template at the end.. I had done this once with Wordperfect with the <<next records>> fields and the last record on the page was <<Break>> but that doesnít work with Word XP.

    Hereís my template:
    <IMG SRC=>

    Any help or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciatedÖ
    Thank you.

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    Re: Creating Mailing List document with mail merge

    #1 - If you click the Show All button on the toolbar, can you determine whether the blank space represents a blank record or whether it represents extra lines on one of the adjacent records?

    #2 - This would work better with a table, and using the setting to NOT break rows across a page break. You might be using a table, but I can't tell. (Please turn on Table>Show Gridlines for future screen shots.)

    #3 - Your template is too big for your data??

    If you post the template, those who do merges probably can help. (I only use them for infrequent special projects.)

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