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Thread: Outlook 97 (97)

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    Outlook 97 (97)

    I am trying to coordinate calendars for associates in my office who are using different versions of outlook. Some people have outlook 97, outlook 2002, outlook 2003 and outlook 2007. It seems that the people who are using outlook 2003 and 2007 have no trouble setting up multi-user meetings in outlook. However, the users of outlook 97 and outlook 2002 are getting the e-mails notifications but it is not updating thie calendar. I know the easy answer is to upgrade my pre outlook 2003 users to outlook 2007. But, I was wondering if anyone knew a fix for this issue? Thanks for your help.


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    Re: Outlook 97 (97)

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    I don't understand why it wouldn't work for Outlook 2002 users, but Outlook 97 is getting *very* long in the tooth. It was an underpowered, buggy version from the start, and it was quickly superseded by Outlook 98. I think it's high time for users of Outlook 97 to upgrade to a later version! I'm not sure that upgrading to Office 2007 is the best remedy at this time - many people are complaining about the interface. On the other hand, chances that Microsoft will go back are negligible, so we might as well get used to it. Moreover, Outlook has changed less than other Office applications.

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