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    Set Focus; SR1-A and VBE6.dll (VB6 )


    I have a form with a list box , text boxes and a command button used to add items to the listbox . In VB5 (Word 97), I use a set focus back the first text box after successfully adding an item to the listbox.

    The set focus does not work on my form when it runs under VB6.

    I found Q237863 in MSN Knowledge Base that says this is a problem with VBA, and to install the SR-1/SR-1a service pack.

    My network administrator is reluctant to do so.

    In the MS documentation detailing fixes under Office 2000 Service Releases, an entry under Visual Basic 'description' says "Forms3 setfocus works with modal userforms as expected" and references the vbe6.dll as file affected.

    My vbe6.dll file is dated 3-11-99. Is there a newer version installed under SR1-A? If so, do you think my setfocus problem could be solved by replacing only the vbe6.dll file in lieu of installing the service pack?

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    Re: Set Focus; SR1-A and VBE6.dll (VB6 )

    I'm not sure swapping the file is a good idea, since there may be some unknown dependencies. On the other hand, if you save your work frequently, a VB6 crash is not the end of the world.

    Perhaps, though, you should remind your network administrator that ALL recent security patches for Office REQUIRE at least SR-1a, and that is a good reason to roll it out. At least to you.

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