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    Slow Loading Page

    Several years back I created a webpage from a Word document that's a lengthly index of all our forms. It's in the form of a two column table with the network location of the form and hyperlink in the left column and name of the form in the right column. It's setup as an include in an ASP page. We not have too much trouble loading the webpage or editing the htm index in Word.

    But now I'm reworking the intranet. I made a copy of the index files in the new web that I'm working on. I've added it as an include in an htm page. It's terribly slow to pull up or do any editing of the surrounding htm page. Saving the index in Word as a filtered htm helped bring the file size down but it still takes 10-15 minutes to load or save the surrounding htm page in Front page.

    What else can I do to reduce the Word saved htm index file's load time? It would be quite time consuming and tedious but I'm thinking my only option might be to convert it from a table to simple text list. Suggestions?

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    Re: Slow Loading Page

    Hi Daisy

    Could a far simpler i.e. Non-Word piece of code discussed in:

    Using worksheet data in a Web page (2) <post:=701,980>post 701,980</post:>

    Be of any use?

    It may mean a little bit of work to write it into a workbook but it will be considerably easy to download..just a thought

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    Re: Slow Loading Page

    What on earth is Frontpage doing for 10 minutes?! Could it be verifying all the links or even copying the documents to your local copy of the web? Perhaps there is an option to work around that if that's what it is doing. I'm sure you don't want it to copy the documents...

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