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    Suggestions for Hiding IP Address

    New..please bear with me. After recovering from computer attack....I was surfing the internet..caustiously

    While surfing with my newly rented router , I ran across a program called NetDetective...

    It showed me my IP address, and a map of where I live ? After buying and already invested in NAV, they secure me with free online storage every night, Microsoft stands nightwatch, and I thought the newly rented router was all protecting me or something about me ?....(please when finished laughing, return to computer to help me. ?

    For $29.95 Net Gear offers to hide my IP address and protect my identity, and surfing all but offered me a cup of coffee ? I already invested in NAV Security Suite, now with free tech support, Spyblaster 4.0 I update manually.....rented a router.. I didnt want to pretend I knew how to install one...

    (Is there something I should know about the router, or do they just obscure anything ? Well not my IP address . It showed up within a couple seconds.

    I am new to all of this, and appreciate your patience. As you can see I am the Average American Dummy buying the books...I am not sure I can read them fast enough...I am a single computer home user, no network or other users. Should I invest in a product that will hide my IP address it sounds good .

    What do you professionals use to protect your IP while surfing anonymously. Something a novice can handle ?

    I know after watching this forum, you Professionals, have advise and suggestions. Other than to keep reading faster ?

    Thank You

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    Re: Suggestions for Hiding IP Address

    Your computer must supply a valid "return" IP address when you do anything on the Internet, or the response cannot be sent back to you. For example, you cannot view a web page without first making a connection with the server using your IP address.

    So how can you hide your IP address? There are services that will run your request through a network of other computers so that web sites have no idea of your true IP address. Web sites and other servers will instead think you are at an untraceable IP address. (Note that email does not follows the same rules, of course, since your messages contain your email address.)

    I use such a service to conduct certain investigations that I do not want traced back to my office IP address. Of course, the service knows what you are doing on the Internet, and it knows much more than any one web site would know because it sees all of your traffic. So you need to have a high degree of trust before you sign up.

    Anyway, because this "anonymizing" function takes place outside of your computer, it is not included in standard security suites or routers. You would need to use a free network or a paid network, in addition to what you have now. Is it worth it? The extra routing slows things down a bit, so I'm not sure it's worth running ALL your traffic through such a service. But there might be some sites you would want to visit truly anonymously, and if you provide no personal information to them, AND manage cookies wisely, AND control active content, AND use an untraceable IP address, that's as anonymous as you can get.

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