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    Indentation before text (2003)

    Hello, in one of my templates, my normal style is set with a .25” tab so that whenever I indent at the start of a paragraph, I get a .25” space. However, with much frequency, while I am in the middle of typing up a paragraph with the .25” indentation, Word suddenly changes the formatting of the paragraph and adds a .25” indentation before the text (which is not the same as having a .25” tab there, which has no effect if I don’t press Tab).

    I have tried deleting the style that I believe was called “Normal + .25”, and it looks like it’s gone, but Word has continued with this funny operation and my paragraphs are spontaneously, but not always, given this .25” indentation!

    Any idea how to get Word to stop?


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    Re: Indentation before text (2003)

    Try this:
    - Select Tools | AutoCorrect Options...
    - Activate the AutoFormat As You Type tab.
    - Clear the check box "Set left- and first-indent with tabs and backspaces".
    - Click OK.

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