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    Pivot table or use a filter? (Excel 2003)

    Hi all..I have a rather large worksheet containing a list of names and various codes that relate to time off, or overtime, or courses taken etc etc. I have attached a sample. The top view shows the names and all codes & hours associated with the various codes....Naturally, I also have to always show the employee name and ID number.....what I want to do is to devise a way to filter for certain codes....for example, in the bottom view, I have filtered out everything except the STDP code (and associated information on that row). I might also like to filter for the VAC code (and associated number of hours).

    I have tried using an Advanced Filter, but couldn't get that to work.....maybe I am doing it wrong...I was wondering if a Pivot Table would be a better thing to use (have never used one, and so not sure what they do, but I gather that they can re-arrange the view of data..??).....I also tried a Custom Filter but it doesn't permit me to use a formula in order to make sure that the row containing name and ID number will always be shown (assuming the employee has hours associated with the code I am filtering for)....any suggestions, anyone? Thanks.
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    Re: Pivot table or use a filter? (Excel 2003)

    Your table layout is not suitable for what you want. See the attached version. It contains a database-like table with AutoFilter buttons.
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