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    Opening folder slow (Business)

    I have a non-networked machine, reasonably fast (or fast enough for me) - system rating 3.6.
    C: drive is a hardware RAID 0 149 G drive with a 5.6 Windows performance score, and 80 G free.
    Sometimes (like way too often), in Windows Explorer I click to open a folder. It can take 20 seconds while the 'dreaded green bar' meanders across the top before it opens the folder. Sheesh. It's just doing a <code>cd</code> followed by a <code>dir</code>.
    Note it's not a networked folder, just a standard folder <code>c:wrk</code>. The folder is an 'All items' folder
    Why does it take so long?
    Later in the day, the same folder will open quickly. Is it just the first time?
    It's not always this folder - other time C; or C:Program Files take just as long
    How can I speed it up?
    Thanks for your help
    (I don't think there's any spy or malware. Running Windows Defender, Norton Internet Security 2008)
    I tried changing it back to 'Folder option>General>Use Windows classic folders. There's only a few and small pictures in the folder.
    Is this improved in SP1?

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    Re: Opening folder slow (Business)

    Most likely it is your Windows Defender checking the folder before allow you to access it.

    Press Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys on your keyboard simultaneously, and then press Alt and T. Windows Task Manager window will open.
    Click Processes tab and then click "Show processes from all users" button and confirm your choice.
    Then click on 'CPU' column header twice to sort processes by CPU usage, most using on the top.

    Probably you will see "System Idle Process" on the top, which means CPU is doing nothing.
    Now click Windows and E keys on your keyboard simultaneously. Windows Explorer will open, and you will see "explorer.exe" process on the top of the list for a moment.
    Then on Windows Explorer window select a folder. Look for a process which causing a delay.

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