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    Unavailable template - problem on sve (2000)

    I have a Word document sent to me from someone else.
    The document template that the document is based on (as reported by Tools>Templates and Add-ins) is not available to me.
    In my understanding, that's not a problem as Word inherits styles etc from the template at document creation time, but after that it's not used (correct me if I'm wrong).
    I can save the document to another location under a new name no problem.
    However, if I open a VBA Immediate window, and execute:
    activedocument.SaveAs "cltest.doc"
    I get a Run-time error '5180' Word cannot open this document template
    Why am I getting an 'open' error when I'm saving?
    Why does this problem only show when I save via VBA and not under a normal save?
    (Should I post this question to the VBA forum?)
    Thanks for any ideas.

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    Re: Unavailable template - problem on sve (2000)

    I have no idea why that happens. Is it important, apart from satisfying your curiosity?

    You're correct about the styles, except if the check box "Automatically update document styles" has been ticked in the Templates and Add-Ins dialog, but that would only be a problem when the document is opened, not when it's saved.

    (No need to post this in the VBA forum)

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