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    Showing records on a form (access 2003)

    I'm using the code below to open a form called WS detail. It works well but I want the detail to be for the field I click on WSID. The WSID field is listed in the for WSDetail that opens. So when you click on the for the WS detail will show for only that WSID. I think you can add WSID somewhere in the code below bt I wan not sure. Thanks for the help...

    Private Sub WSID_Click()
    DoCmd.OpenForm "WsDetail", acNormal, "", "", , acNormal
    End Sub

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    Re: Showing records on a form (access 2003)

    You can click in the word OpenForm and press F1 to get help on this method. You want the WhereCondition argument. If WSID is a number field, you can use

    DoCmd.OpenForm "WsDetail", , , "WSID=" & Me.WSID

    and if it is a text field, use

    DoCmd.OpenForm "WsDetail", , , "WSID=" & Chr(34) & Me.WSID & Chr(34)

    Chr(34) is the double quote character ".

    Note: I'd use the On Dbl Click event of the WSID control instead of the On Click event, otherwise the form will pop each time the user clicks in the text box.

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