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    Access Memo Fields (2003)

    I have a query from one of my clients that reads:

    I have 2 memo fields (German and English translations) on an MS Access
    Db form and would like to have 1 move up or down as I scroll the other
    in order to see both translations at the same time.


    If you know a way to create 2 columns in a single memo field without
    having to add 1000s of spaces between the columns, that would work too.

    I am at a loss as to how to advise him. Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Access Memo Fields (2003)

    I fear that the answer to both is no.

    There is no easy mechanism for making two text boxes scroll simultananeously. Moreover, it wouldn't work well because a German text takes up a lot more space than the equivalent English text, so the text boxes would have to scroll at different, varying rates.
    There is no way to create columns within a memo field - using spaces to create the columns would be a *very* bad idea because it would make it virtually impossible to edit the text.

    Using two rather tall text boxes side by side appears to me to be the best approach, even though it is not ideal.

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    Re: Access Memo Fields (2003)

    As always, thank you for your quick response Hans! I always know I can count on the good folks in the Lounge!

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